Email Franchise Program

Let's build your projects together without requiring any technical infrastructure and personnel with the revenue sharing

E-Mail Reseller Program

Do you want to provide value-added services to your customers?
Do you want to do all my e-mail setup and integrations from end to end?
Let's build your projects together without requiring any technical infrastructure and personnel with the revenue sharing model.

Then you are in the right place.

Let your focus be on sales, we'll take care of the rest.

Mailbox Mail Dealer Advantages

All control is at your fingertips.

Manage your customers from a single panel, meet all their e-mail needs!
To join the Mailbox Email Reseller Program, you do not need to set aside initial capital or pay any fees, it is completely free to apply.
Decide on the most suitable model for your business and start earning now!
You can get commission per sale and make sales with your own brand.
As you can make direct sales and issue invoices to your customers through your own company, with your own brand; If you wish, you can make your sales through MailBox and get commission per sales. In this way, you do not need to invoice your customers and respond to support requests.

Who is the Reseller Program Suitable for?

Technology Consultants and Webmasters

Manage your customers seamlessly, provide value-added services! You already know how things work in your industry and how your customers want to work. We also help you generate income.
It's easy to become a business partner for freelancer technology consultants! For technology consultants and webmasters who do not want to deal with collections, invoices or other accounting details, they only need to fill out the application form to make sales via MailBox E-Mail and start generating continuous income with high commissions!

Advertising Agencies and Software companies

By joining the MailBox E-Mail dealership program, you can provide your customers with secure e-mail service and additional value-added services to your company and increase the satisfaction of your customers.

Technology Firms Providing Maintenance Services to Companies

With the MailBox E-Mail dealership program, you can have a secure e-mail service that generates new and continuous income.
You can apply to the dealership program that does not require investment costs and works with high continuity and you can start earning immediately.

Web Hosting Companies and Internet Service Providers

Hosting companies that want to provide value-added and secure e-mail services in hosting services, you can start serving with your own brand immediately.

Opportunity to sell to data centers with their own brands and infrastructure.

E-mail Reseller Club

Apply now to get detailed information about our e-mail dealership advantages!