SSL Certificate

Entry Level SSL Certificates

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Comodo SSL
Comodo SSL
PositiveSSL (DV)
$ 62.00 / Years
  • Validation Type: DV
    Warranty: $50,000
  • Mobil Uyumlu
    Site Seal: Static
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RapidSSL Certificate
RapidSSL Certificate
RapidSSL Certificate
$ 25.00 / Years
  • Validation Type: DV
    Warranty: $10,000
  • Mobile support
    Site Seal
GeoTrust QuickSSL
GeoTrust QuickSSL
GeoTrust QuickSSL
$ 95.00 / Years
  • Validation Type: DV
    Warranty: $500,000
  • Mobile support
    Site Seal

An easy and affordable way to protect your site
Domain Validated (DV) certificates are a fast and simple way to secure your website with industry-standard up to 256-bit encryption. The process of obtaining one of these SSL certificates couldn't be easier and is usually handled with just a standard email. A file-based authentication method can also be used and is recommended if you have direct access to the server that hosts your domain name.

In order to receive a DV certificate from one of our trusted Certification Authorities (CAs), all you have to do is prove that you own the domain that you wish to protect. Since no extensive validation process is required, DV certificates are the most affordable type of SSL on the planet.

For a premier Domain Validated (DV) certificate, look no further than the Comodo SSL Certificate. This certificate offers top-of-the-line encryption backed by an industry-best $250,000 warranty. Best of all, you can have this premium certificate issued to your site in just a matter of minutes. On top of encryption, this certificate will show your customers that your site has been vetted by a leading internet security specialist, so they’ll know it’s safe to do business with you. This is an ideal certificate for a young but growing ecommerce site that values their customers’ most precious information.


RapidSSL® is an SSL industry staple. This low-cost certificate option is the standard 256-bit and it’s one of the most popular Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificates in the world. It’s known for its blazing fast issuance process and super affordable price. 99+% of all browsers recognize this certificate and it’s an ideal solution for entry-level websites.


This popular certificate allows you to secure one fully qualified domain name (www or non-www) with up to 256-bit encryption. GeoTrust® is one of the most trusted names in the industry, and your customers will feel instant assurance knowing that your site is protected by such a premium brand. Best of all, the QuickSSL Premium is typically issued in less than 10 minutes, as it requires just simple, domain verification for the validation process. The GeoTrust® QuickSSL Premium is an excellent option for small-to-medium size online businesses that want a more premium brand at a budget-friendly price.


As you can see in the picture above, SSL encrypts the data you send or forms sent by your customer with 128-256 bits to reach the servers. This high-level encryption system is very difficult or even impossible to crack. The information sent with SSL ensures that it can only be decrypted at the correct address. Information is automatically encrypted before it is sent and can only be decrypted by the correct recipient. Confidentiality and integrity of the transaction and information are protected by verification on both sides.

Main SSL usage areas.

  • Website information security.
    Seo (Google has reported that sites using SSL will be + reputations).
    E-commerce Sites.
    Banking data processing.
    Server security
    Email security.

SSL Types

SSL certificates come in various types such as DV SSL, OV SSL, EV SSL, Multi Domain (SAN) SSL, Wildcard SSL, and code signing certificates. Each of the types offered for SSL Certificates represents a different level of verification, has different levels of security.

DV, OV, EV SSL certificates for domain name verification,

Multi Domain SSL certificates for more than one domain name,

Wildcard SSL certificates are preferred for subdomains.

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The answers to your questions may be found here.

How to install an SSL Certificate?
  • SSL Certificate installation varies according to the platform your website is on and the functions of the hosting control panel you are using. Create CSR from your 1st stage hosting panel. You deliver the 2nd stage CSR code to us. Sending your SSL certificate to you in return for your CSR code that you sent in the 3rd stage. In the 4th step, you need to install the SSL certificate we sent from the hosting panel.

How to get an SSL Certificate?
  • After ordering the SSL certificate suitable for you on our site, you will start your SSL Certificate installation by generating the CSR Code from your hosting panel.

Confirmation type DV (What is Domain Validation?)
  • Your SSL certificate is verified only by email or DNS verification.

How long does the SSL process take?
  • If the hosting service is purchased by us, we generate the CSR code for you and activate it during the day. If the SSL you have received is a company verified (OV) SSL, the transaction process takes between 1 and 4 days.

What is SSL Insurance Fee? How is it determined?
  • The companies that produce the SSL certificate determine an insurance fee to cover this damage in case you suffer damage due to reasons (password breaking, etc.). These prices vary according to the certificate prices and features.

Which SSL certificate should I get to have the green Address bar?
  • The green address bar is only available on our EV SSL products. It is necessary to be a company for this. It is in the OV certificate class (organization validation). You can obtain this certificate by sending your company documents.

Are SSL Certificates compatible with all banks?
  • Yes, all SSL certificates we offer are compatible with banks.