Operational Working Conditions

Our company's obligations to comply with data centers during visits and studies.


This document sets out the rules that our company's customers are obliged to comply with during visits and studies in our company's data centers.

The customer must request his / her work / visit request at least 3 (three) business days in advance by opening a support record through the customer panel provided by our Company. During the request, the information requested by our company of the people who will participate in the study must be submitted. Based on this support record, the customer can work in the respective cabinet, area or server, provided that the following rules are followed in the jointly agreed working time period.


Dear customer, Our Company's Operational Working Conditions aims to inform you about the applications, systems, services, staff, security measures in our center, to ensure that you carry out your activities safely and comfortably and at the same time to ensure the safety of other customers. Following the rules and helping our staff will help us to provide you with the best service.

The participation of your authorized personnel / s, whom you have notified to our company, is required for the study.

In the event that the persons participating in the study do not comply with the rules, our company has the right to remove the person in question from our data center, to request that this person not participate and be changed during the next study.

For security purposes, a copy of identity card, signature, commitment to comply with the rules, etc. can be taken.

Occupational health and safety of our company and building management, emergency etc. We remind you that you are obliged to comply with the rules and policies regarding the cases.

Building entrances, study rooms, corridors and emergency exit routes:

Do not leave boxes, building materials, information processing devices and any similar objects on building entrances, corridors and emergency exits in a way that will obstruct the movement and distort the view.

Do not make noise in a way that disturbs others, do not listen to loud music anywhere in the building, including rooms.

Cleaning, Garbage and Waste:

Do not leave any garbage and unusable materials that may arise during work in the work area. You can throw the paper, plastic, metal and glass wastes you want to recycle at recycling stations or you can separate them and deliver them to cleaning staff.

Physical Security:

The data center where our company is located includes additional security measures such as card access system and CCTV. In addition, the building management where the data center is located also ensures the security of the building through a private security company. Please act in accordance with these rules.

Visitor cards are personal, automatic registration is taken by the system at door passes inside the building, keep your pass cards constantly hanging around your neck and do not lend them to anyone else under any circumstances.

Data Center Department:

It is forbidden to enter the data center section with food and drink.

It is forbidden to work in the data center department without the attendance of our company's personnel.


Smoking is prohibited in our company's data centers and office areas, on the stairs and on the roof.

Occupational health and Safety :

We remind you that you are obliged to take all kinds of occupational health and safety precautions during your work, that we can stop your work in cases that threaten safety or the necessary precautions are not taken, and that you will be responsible for any accidents that may occur.


Working Environment:

Offices have kitchens and WC. These areas are cleaned daily by the cleaning staff. There is a refrigerator, hot-cold water dispenser and a kettle in the kitchen.

A wireless network is available for our guests and customers.

Emergency Situations:

Risk analysis against fire was made for the data centers where our company is located.

There are panels showing fire exits and emergency exit signs in the data center. In an emergency, the building can be abandoned by using a fire escape by using a ladder bucket or by following the emergency exit warning signs.

Technical Equipment:

In the data centers where our company is located, for employees and hardware; Air conditioning, fire detection, automatic fire extinguishing, cargo transport, uninterrupted energy, pest control systems have been installed and regularly maintained.

CCTV and card access systems are available for your safety.

You can report your requests and complaints about our company via the customer panel provided to you or by sending an e-mail to destek@mailbox.com.tr or by calling our customer service.