Mcloud Server

En iyi fiyat en iyi performans

En iyi fiyat
Mcloud Server Eco
Mcloud Server Eco
Mcloud Server Eco
$ 4.99 / Monthly
  • 1-4 Core
    1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Disk
    100 Mbit Trafik
En çok seçilen
Mcloud Server Pro
Mcloud Server Pro
İhtiyacın olan sunucuyu satın al
$ 22.00 / Monthly
  • 4-16 Core
    4 GB RAM
  • 60 GB SAS
    100 Mbit line
Mcloud Server Big
Mcloud Server Big
Zorlu uygulamalar için
$ 38.00 / Monthly
  • 8-32 Core CPU
    8 GB RAM
  • 100 GB SAS
    100 Mbit line
<p><strong>Let's Decide Together the Right Server.</strong></p>

<p>Leave your number and our Expert Support Team will contact you to decide on the server you need.<br />
<a href="">Click to contact.</a></p>

Let's Decide Together the Right Server.

Leave your number and our Expert Support Team will contact you to decide on the server you need.
Click to contact.


Build the server you need.
Do not bear unnecessary costs.
Your SaaS server Private Shared Cloud Server.
Backup Options


<p>Build the server you need.<br />
Do not bear unnecessary costs.<br />
Your SaaS server Private Shared Cloud Server.<br />
Backup Options</p>

<p>Completely Free Application Support, Get a CMS, E-Commerce or E-Mail Server!<br />
<br />
Start using Wordpress, Joomla cloud containers right away.</p>

Completely Free Application Support, Get a CMS, E-Commerce or E-Mail Server!

Start using Wordpress, Joomla cloud containers right away.

Let's Take You to the Clouds

Moving to the Cloud is Easier. Free server migration service.

Cloud Consulting
Cloud Consulting

We create your cloud infrastructure and offer free service to work safely and smoothly with our expert team.

Cloud Transport Service
Cloud Transport Service

We move your servers to the cloud and make your transition to the cloud easier. And it's completely free.

Creating Cloud Architect
Creating Cloud Architect

For your applications, we construct your private cloud architecture and build your cloud structure with our experts.

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

The answers to your questions may be found here.

How can I choose the right server for my project?
  • You can configure our system according to the resources used for your project such as CPU, RAM and Traffic, or you can contact our support team at 0216 2230335.

How long does the cloud server installation take place?
  • As soon as you purchase Cloud Server, it starts to prepare automatically and is delivered between 5 and 60 minutes according to your installation preferences.

What are the differences between cloud server and standard servers?
  • The best feature of cloud servers is that they are not affected by electricity costs and hardware failures. If you are going to create a project, we can contact us and help you make the best decision for you.

What are cloud apps?
  • Cloud applications are application solutions that are optimized for your server and enable you to get high performance from your server. In addition to their recognition of ease of use and management, they eliminate the need for technical information needed for server management with the ready installation feature. You can configure your server by selecting a cloud application you want during the purchase process.

What are the Cloud Server usage areas?
  • All services that can be provided with a physical server can also be provided with VDS Virtual Server. Web application can be developed, hosted, used as a back-up, data backup can be performed, applications such as accounting applications that require high speed and performance can be run, game server infrastructure can be provided, e-mail services can be provided.

What is Mcloud Server?
  • Cloud Server is baremetal where you can get real performance and resources. Ability to host applications and data, providing flexibility for users through the use of hardware and software, serving for personal or corporate needs.

Private Server for your projects and needs

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