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Açık Rıza Metni

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 ("KVKK"), my personal data are transferred to Mailbox İnternet Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. ("MailBox"), for what purpose it will be processed, to whom and for what purpose the processed personal data can be transferred, the method and legal reason for personal data collection and my other rights listed in Article 11 of the KVKK.

In this context, by accepting that I have provided the necessary illumination, I have read and understood this text, the Customer Enlightenment Text in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Legislation, my phone number, e-mail address, name and surname and other personal data follow-up of the purchasing habits provided by MAILBOX, campaign and package information services, directing about products and services, giving information about campaigns, promotion, marketing and campaign activities for the said services and products on social media, search engines, etc. to be able to benefit from all kinds of services at MAILBOX, to be able to benefit from all kinds of services in the presence of MAILBOX, to provide information through all kinds of communication tools and channels for the promotion, marketing and sales of my personal data and to keep my personal data on all kinds of platforms for the promotion of the service, and MAILBOX online survey. In the event that I participate in the studies, I consent to the processing within the scope of the above-mentioned information in order to improve the website and online services, and to be transferred to the MAILBOX affiliates and the mentioned third parties.

In terms of the information and documents listed; It will be accepted by the CUSTOMER that MAILBOX has the right to possess, save, store, process and share these information and documents. Again, in terms of these information and documents, it will be deemed to have irrevocably accepted, declared and committed that I have my consent / consent for the use, processing, transfer of special quality personal data and the transfer of data and special quality personal data abroad when necessary .

Service Agreement


1. Parties
On one side; Mailbox İnternet Hizmetleri Ltd. (Erenköy VD, Tax No. 6100466209), located at the address "Şemsettin Günaltay Caddesi Morkaya business center No 113 D10 PK: 34736 Suadiye Kadıköy İstanbul". Şti. (hereinafter referred to as "SERVICE PROVIDER") and on the other side; The real or legal person whose information is obtained through the registration form on the site by purchasing the products / services of the SERVICE PROVIDER through the website of the SERVICE PROVIDER ("CUSTOMER" and / or referred to as "YOU"), this Preliminary Information Form and Service Agreement ("Agreement" for short) have been accepted under the terms and conditions below.

After that, in the contract; CUSTOMER / YOU and SERVICE PROVIDER may be referred to separately as "Party" and collectively as "Parties".

2. Subject and Purpose of the Agreement

The subject of this Agreement; The products and services that the CUSTOMER has placed an order from the SERVICE PROVIDER's website "www.mailbox.com.tr" or the website to be directed by the SERVICE PROVIDER and whose sales price and qualities are specified during the ordering process. The Law on the Protection of Consumers No.6502 - Distance Contracts Regulation (RG: 27.11.2014 / 29188) covers the rights and obligations of the parties with regard to the sale and use and for Consumer Customers.

By accepting this Preliminary Information Form and the Service Agreement, the CUSTOMER agrees in advance that if the contractual order is approved, it will be under the obligation to pay the price subject to the order and, if any, additional charges such as shipping fee, tax, and that it has been informed in this regard.

In addition, your acceptance of this Agreement electronically, this Agreement and the General Terms of Use, Privacy - Security Policy, Operational Working Conditions and the specific product / service you receive on the "www.mailbox.com.tr" website Contracts will mean that you have read, understood and agree with the Regulation on Distance Sales and the relevant Consumer Legislation and that you have been informed within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No.6502 - Regulation on Distance Contracts and that you agree that the provisions of the Contract are binding on you.

3. Effective Date and Duration of the Contract

3.1. The duration of this Agreement; Following the CUSTOMER's online product / service purchase request (order) via the website "www.mailbox.com.tr" owned by the SERVICE PROVIDER or the website to be directed by the SERVICE PROVIDER, the delivery of the requested product / service (activation) ) begins as of. SERVICE PROVIDER records will be taken as basis for the activation date.
3.2. Contract period; It is the product / service usage period that the CUSTOMER chooses during the order.

3.3. In case of extension of the contract period, changes in prices will be reflected to the CUSTOMER and priced based on current prices.

3.4. Except for the termination of the contract with a written notice by the CUSTOMER for a just cause arising from the SERVICE PROVIDER, the SERVICE PROVIDER shall not refund any fee to the CUSTOMER before its term.

4. Notifications

4.1. The SERVICE PROVIDER will use the e-mail address notified by the CUSTOMER for any notification, including service renewal, to the CUSTOMER. The CUSTOMER is responsible for the fact that this address is a valid address, belongs to an authorized person for the services received, and that it is kept up-to-date. With the acceptance that the CUSTOMER knows the service renewal periods; The CUSTOMER agrees that the SERVICE PROVIDER will not hold the SERVICE PROVIDER responsible for any problems or delays that may occur in its services in the electronic mail notifications regarding the renewal transactions made to it.

4.2. The CUSTOMER shall not claim any rights and damages from the SERVICE PROVIDER for any malfunctions and damages that may arise from the information provided to the SERVICE PROVIDER during registration / or after starting to use the service is correct and up-to-date, that the identity and contact information and e-mail address given are valid, correct and complete, that the SERVICE PROVIDER will accept it as such, unless otherwise notified in writing by the CUSTOMER, all notification and invoicing transactions to be made by the SERVICE PROVIDER to the CUSTOMER will be made within this information, acknowledges and undertakes that the transmitted information is followed by an authorized person on the CUSTOMER regarding the service subject to this Agreement, and will inform the SERVICE PROVIDER in case of a change. Any responsibility that may arise from the fact that this information is not accurate, complete and up to date belongs to the CUSTOMER.

4.3. After the order is accepted and the transactions are confirmed, the CUSTOMER can use the service by making definitions on the control panel. If the service received includes a process that requires manual intervention other than the control panel, the SERVICE PROVIDER will carry out the necessary work and convey the necessary information about the use to the CUSTOMER and the service will be started. The CUSTOMER is responsible for keeping the information on the Customer Control Panel to be allocated electronically and the confidentiality of the user name and password given to him / her, and the CUSTOMER is responsible for the damage and loss that may arise from these issues.

4.4. The CUSTOMER agrees to send an informative mail regarding the campaign, products / services of the SERVICE PROVIDER to the e-mail address notified to the SERVICE PROVIDER and to show the name of the SERVICE PROVIDER as a reference on the web page or through other channels.

5. Fee, Billing and Payment

5.1. The fee to be paid for the services received by the CUSTOMER is the amount specified during the order process. The specified fees are calculated by including VAT and other taxes that are legally charged, if any, afterwards, and the collection takes place upon the CUSTOMER's approval after being shown.

5.2. The fees for the service purchased will be specified during the ordering process. The CUSTOMER agrees to pay for the services and products ("service / s") purchased from the SERVICE PROVIDER at the time he requests the service. Payment is made by the CUSTOMER through one of the payment methods offered by the SERVICE PROVIDER to the CUSTOMER on the website.

5.3. payments to be made out in foreign currency, foreign currency in the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey should be paid on the payment date sales rate.

5.4. When a service is purchased, if for any reason the SERVICE PROVIDER cannot collect the cost of the services provided from the CUSTOMER in full or faces any problem regarding the payment made to him / her for any previously collected fee (for example, payments made with a stolen credit card), The SERVICE PROVIDER will be able to apply for all administrative, procedural, judicial and criminal remedies in terms of collection of the fee, the CUSTOMER accepts and declares that it knows this.

5.5. At the beginning or renewal of the contract, the CUSTOMER does not make the payment at all or on due date, or if the payment is made with a stolen credit card, etc. In such cases, the SERVICE PROVIDER may immediately cancel and / or stop and / or limit the service received without any notice, provided that other legal rights are reserved. CUSTOMER accepts this matter.

5.6. The SERVICE PROVIDER reserves the right to charge a reasonable service fee at all times in terms of other tasks outside the scope of its regular services and for additional service or product requests. These include, but are not limited to, customer service issues that cannot be settled via e-mail and require personalized service, and disputes requiring special service, etc. services. These collections will be invoiced in accordance with the Payment Method of the CUSTOMER registered in the SERVICE PROVIDER as much as possible.

5.7. CUSTOMER, in case the order / contract term is renewed; is obliged to pay the current price of the service whose duration is extended at the date of renewal. Otherwise, by the SERVICE PROVIDER above 5.5. As the measures specified in the article can be taken, they will be able to issue an exchange difference invoice arising from late payment and charge a monthly 2% default interest from the due date until the actual payment date.

5.8. SERVICE PROVIDER; reserves the right to make future changes on prices and tariffs without prior notice. The CUSTOMER accepts, declares and undertakes the changes that may occur about these changes.

5.9. If the CUSTOMER pays by credit card and chooses the automatic payment option during the service purchase, the service fee will be automatically withdrawn from the credit card entered into the system during the service renewal period and no refund will be made, the SERVICE PROVIDER will be responsible for the problems and / or delays due to the failure to collect from the credit card accepts that it cannot be held responsible. It accepts that if the Customer fails to make a timely payment, the services will not be renewed, the SERVICE PROVIDER is not responsible for any interruptions / delays that may occur in all services provided, and will not claim any damages from the SERVICE PROVIDER.

5.10. SERVICE PROVIDER; Upon the acceptance of this Agreement and the approval of the order, the CUSTOMER will have the right to collect the purchased service fees from the credit card account given by the CUSTOMER during the order.

5.11. Value Added Tax (VAT) and Special Communication Tax (SCT) are not included in the said fees if the Internet Access Service is received from the SERVICE PROVIDER. SCT and VAT calculated according to the relevant tax legislation for all services provided to the CUSTOMER within the scope of the contract are invoiced to the CUSTOMER together with the service fees. In the event that new taxes are uploaded to the SERVICE PROVIDER after changes in VAT, Special Consumption Tax (SCT), SCT and customs tax rates or changes in these taxes, the SERVICE PROVIDER reserves the right to reflect these taxes to the CUSTOMER.

5.12. The invoice (s) issued by the SERVICE PROVIDER for the services purchased by the CUSTOMER are sent to the invoice address specified by the CUSTOMER by mail, e-mail, courier, cargo, registered electronic notification address, e-invoice or any other means agreed by the parties. The CUSTOMER can also access a sample of the invoices issued by the SERVICE PROVIDER through the internet-based interface of the SERVICE PROVIDER. The CUSTOMER is obliged to follow the samples of the invoices issued to him using this interface. In cases where the invoice sent by one of the above-mentioned methods does not reach the CUSTOMER, the CUSTOMER is obliged to notify the SERVICE PROVIDER within 10 days after the invoice date, and undertakes not to make an objection about the invoices that have not been received or received later.

5.13. If it is used within the scope of the services received; Türk Telekom, Boğaziçi Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. The increases made by the infrastructure service providers such as such, may be reflected to the CUSTOMER by the SERVICE PROVIDER, and in such a case, the SERVICE PROVIDER will notify the CUSTOMER one (1) month in advance of the price changes to be made. CUSTOMER accepts this situation already.

6. Termination

6.1. During the contract; In the event that one of the parties fails to fulfill the obligations specified in this Agreement, the general terms of use, the contract regarding the service / s for more than seven (7) days, or if it is determined that the information declared by the CUSTOMER to the SERVICE PROVIDER is not correct, the other Party will and terminate immediately. CUSTOMER; in the event that it breaches its obligations or causes termination due to misrepresentation, regardless of the remaining time, it will not be able to reclaim the fee paid, and in case of monthly payment, the relevant service

6.2. The CUSTOMER has the right to terminate the contract regarding the service he / she has received, without any justification, at any time within the period of 10 days prior to written notice. However, in such a termination, the CUSTOMER; It declares, accepts and undertakes that it is obliged to pay the price of the relevant Contract and / or the service up to the normal termination period in advance, and that it cannot request a refund if it has paid this price.

6.3. If this Agreement expires for any reason; Configuration, data, content etc. of CUSTOMER systems. The responsibility of transmitting the information belongs to the CUSTOMER. Before the contract expiration date; If the said information is not moved, all content will be deleted and a copy of it will not be provided by the SERVICE PROVIDER.

6.4. In case of termination of the contract for any reason, the server, cabin etc. All energy connection of the inventory will be disconnected, and the inventory that is not owned by the SERVICE PROVIDER or is not added to it for the purpose of offsetting it by the SERVICE PROVIDER, must be received from the address of the SERVICE PROVIDER within 3 (three) days from the date of the contract expiry. Otherwise, the SERVICE PROVIDER will not have any responsibility regarding the inventories and will not have any obligation to pay compensation arising from the inability to use the inventory.

7. Responsibilities

7.1. The CUSTOMER declares, accepts and undertakes that it will comply with the notices and warnings communicated by the SERVICE PROVIDER within the service it receives. The CUSTOMER cannot distribute or sell the services provided free of charge and / or unlimitedly to third parties, whether paid or free and / or limited or unlimited.

7.2. The CUSTOMER receives shared hosting services and the website creates excessive system load or security weakness, etc. If the SERVICE PROVIDER causes a situation to disrupt the services of other customers for reasons, it accepts that its services may be stopped.
7.3. The CUSTOMER agrees that the service will be stopped automatically in case of exceeding the quota for any service purchased. Exceeding the quota varies according to the scope and content of the service purchased, and the CUSTOMER will be informed in case of excess.

7.4. CUSTOMER, in electronic mail communication, webcasts and all kinds of transactions related to this subscription T.C. Law No. 5651 on the Regulation of Broadcasts Made on the Internet and the Fight Against Crimes Committed Through These Publications, not to act contrary to general ethics and manners, and that it is fully responsible for the content of web pages, ftp and other Internet services belonging to itself or its customers. .

7.5. The CUSTOMER is responsible for the installation, licenses, adjustment of the software related to the service it receives, and for all the problems related to the software. The SERVICE PROVIDER is not responsible for the information made and provided by the CUSTOMER, and the CUSTOMER may request to lease the licenses of the software they use through the SERVICE PROVIDER. CUSTOMER; If requested by the SERVICE PROVIDER, it is obliged to transmit the permission, usage and contract information regarding the license used to the SERVICE PROVIDER.

7.6. The CUSTOMER cannot rent, sell, transfer or let others use the right of use within the scope of this Agreement, otherwise the Agreement may be terminated for justified reasons, to compensate for any damages that may occur due to this, and to pay penal terms equal to the minimum contract amount without the need for any legal notice or notice. and undertakes.

7.7. CUSTOMER; By signing this contract, the SERVICE PROVIDER will not be entitled to gain titles and status such as its representative, agent, commercial representative, partner, solution or business partner, in commercial documents, promotional tools, brochures and advertisements, in the website, in such notification with third parties. cannot be found.

7.8. The CUSTOMER shall be entitled to deactivate the server by the SERVICE PROVIDER without the need for a further notice in cases where one or more of the prohibited activities to be carried out on the server allocated to him, attack on internal or external networks, etc., illegal or adversely affect the database of the SERVICE PROVIDER. and accepts, declares and undertakes that the fees paid until that date will not be returned to him in any way and that he is obliged to compensate any damages that may occur due to this. CUSTOMER, within this responsibility, T.C. laws, the regulatory procedures of the ICTA (Information Technologies and Communication Authority) and the rules set and to be set by the SERVICE PROVIDER.

7.9. Regarding the services the CUSTOMER receives, T.C. It undertakes to be bound by the laws. The CUSTOMER declares and undertakes that in cases where he / she acts against the laws and regulations in force through the services he / she receives, he / she will be exclusively responsible for this situation, that he / she will compensate the damages of the SERVICE PROVIDER and 3rd parties due to the contradiction, and that he / she will exclude the SERVICE PROVIDER from any request.

7.10. CUSTOMER; SERVICE PROVIDER knows that the SERVICE PROVIDER is obliged to fulfill the requests of the relevant official / competent authority to the extent of its authority, therefore it cannot make any request and / or does not comply with the law, in case the authorized / official authorities cause the SERVICE PROVIDER to apply due to the content it has been published or kept. It declares and undertakes that it is obliged to meet all kinds of damages.

7.11. The SERVICE PROVIDER cannot be held liable for any material or moral damages that may arise from the incorrect use of CUSTOMER data in the service provided, data contents, and all data used by e-mail.

7.12. Within the scope of the service used, backing up all data and restoring the backups are entirely under the responsibility of the CUSTOMER. If the backup service is purchased separately from the SERVICE PROVIDER, the backup can be made by the SERVICE PROVIDER.

7.13. The SERVICE PROVIDER reserves the right to stop the expired domain name, hosting, or other services offered after the expiry of the term and to cancel the service completely. There is no obligation to keep any data records after the cancellation of expired or unpaid services.

7.14. SERVICE PROVIDER may suspend all services that threaten, threaten or may threaten their services, for a period of time or indefinitely without prior notice.

7.15. CUSTOMER acknowledges that the SERVICE PROVIDER may carry its own servers when necessary. In this context, an IP address assigned to the CUSTOMER can be changed to a different IP address. The SERVICE PROVIDER does not guarantee that it can continuously protect the IP addresses allocated to the CUSTOMER. The SERVICE PROVIDER will notify the CUSTOMER of the new IP addresses to be allocated to the use of the CUSTOMER at least 2 (two) weeks in advance in case the IP address changes. In case of such a need for a change, the CUSTOMER will also fulfill its obligations for the change to occur.

8. Physical Studies

8.1. Customer; Following the signing of this Agreement, the authorized persons assigned for the maintenance / breakdown of the services and equipment in use shall be notified to the SERVICE PROVIDER and the SERVICE PROVIDER shall be accepted. In the event of a change in the aforementioned persons, this will be notified to the SERVICE PROVIDER and its approval will be obtained. The SERVICE PROVIDER reserves the right to request changes in the said persons. In such a case, the CUSTOMER will make the necessary change.

8.2. 8.1 above. For the maintenance operations specified in the article, the CUSTOMER will inform the SERVICE PROVIDER in advance and agree with the SERVICE PROVIDER for the authorized persons to perform maintenance on the day, hour and duration of the maintenance. In case of failure, the SERVICE PROVIDER will allow the CUSTOMER to intervene in the breakdown as soon as possible. The work to be done by the CUSTOMER will be carried out under the supervision of the personnel authorized by the SERVICE PROVIDER.

8.3. CUSTOMER cannot interfere with the hardware on the server, otherwise all responsibility belongs to him. In such a case, it accepts and undertakes to pay the entire damage to the SERVICE PROVIDER in cash, in lump sum and in advance without the need for any notice or notification.

8.4. CUSTOMER's 8.1., 8.2. and 8.3. If the SERVICE PROVIDER does not comply with the obligations specified in the articles, does not comply with the safety instructions / operational working conditions declared by the SERVICE PROVIDER or breaches other obligations within the scope of the contract; The CUSTOMER reserves the right not to allow physical access and not to accept these persons in the area where their systems are located.

8.5. In the event that the CUSTOMER receives services from the infrastructure where the SERVICE PROVIDER also provides shared service to other customers, the SERVICE PROVIDER; Although it takes all kinds of precautions, it cannot be held responsible for possible interruptions or attacks that may occur on these devices where shared services are provided.

8.6. CUSTOMER; It accepts, declares and undertakes that it is aware of the "Operational Working Conditions", which is an annex to this Agreement and that are constantly updated on the website, and that it is obliged to comply with these, and that the SERVICE PROVIDER reserves the right to reject the requests submitted to it if it does not comply with the Operational Working Conditions.

9. Internet Access Service

9.1. SERVICE PROVIDER; In the event that the Customer has internet service within the scope of the service it has received, it will provide this service to the CUSTOMER and provide a control panel to the CUSTOMER, where they can access the CUSTOMER over the internet at any time and monitor their line usage.

9.2. The SERVICE PROVIDER shall not be liable for the damage, loss and damage that may occur in any way, which may occur to the CUSTOMER due to malfunctions, errors, failures and interruptions that may occur in the telecommunication lines and Internet Access Providers systems from which it receives service, and therefore the CUSTOMER Cannot claim any rights and compensation from the SERVICE PROVIDER. However, the Contractor will make maximum effort to correct the aforementioned problem in such a case.

9.3. By consumer; In case the internet access speed is not subject to a certain limit due to project requirements;
Measurement will be applied on the basis of the industry standard "95 Percent Model" (95 Percentile Model) and the Contractor reports received electronically will be taken into account. 95 Percent Model: The measured values ​​at the end of the month will be automatically sorted in descending order by the electronic measurement system, and the highest 5% peak values ​​will be excluded. The highest level of the remaining 95% will be accepted as the accrual basis and line usage will be determined automatically according to this model.

9.4. In the event that the CUSTOMER exceeds the internet quota offered within the scope of the service purchased, the price of the exceeded portion will be charged separately.

10. Prohibited Activities

It is strictly forbidden to carry out the following activities using the services of the SERVICE PROVIDER. Although the SERVICE PROVIDER is not responsible for controlling the content, it reserves the right to stop, restrict or completely terminate the services of the users if it is determined that these activities have been carried out.

10.1. Prohibited activities include all kinds of acts and behavior that are criminalized by law, including but not limited to the ones listed below.

I. Send Spam

Spam is the sending of messages for collective and / or commercial purposes over the internet, without the recipient's request. Spam sending not only damages the commercial reputation and reliability of the SERVICE PROVIDER, but also may cause the systems to be overloaded and the quality of the services provided to the customers to decrease.

Those who receive the relevant services from the SERVICE PROVIDER cannot send Spam, they cannot operate their systems unprotected and open to the use of third parties / institutions to facilitate the sending of Spam.

ii. Offenses Against Intellectual and Artistic Works, Private Life and Personal Rights

Confidentiality and privacy of private life that can be committed against intellectual and industrial rights belonging to individuals or institutions and constitute a crime under the "Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works", "Trademarks Law", "Turkish Commercial Law", "Law on the Protection of Patent Rights" and other relevant legislation and crimes against personal rights are within this scope.

iii. Phishing Attacks

Phising is the acquisition of many private information such as identity information of users, credit card information, bank account numbers to the internet password of this account by deceiving users via fake internet pages and e-mail.

iv. Illegal or Unauthorized Access to Other Computers and Networks

Trying to access other people's computers, user accounts or networks by unauthorized or illegal means (hacking) and other activities (port scan, stealth scan etc.)

v. Virus, Maggot, Trojan Horse etc. Activities Related to Harmful Datığ

Activities such as Internet viruses, sending trojans or pinging, flooding, mailbombing that may cause disruption to other users' use of the SERVICE PROVIDER network or other network, system, service or device connected to it.

vi. Excessive Resource Usage on Shared Servers

Within the scope of hosting services, the SERVICE PROVIDER has services provided over shared hardware platforms. A website running under this service creates excessive traffic or excessive use of resources, sending and / or receiving heavy e-mails from e-mail addresses used within the scope of e-mail hosting service, excessive processor use of the virtual server used within the scope of shared hosting service or in cases of excessive traffic, the SERVICE PROVIDER reserves the right to stop the service for a short or indefinite period without prior notice in order not to adversely affect the services of customers who receive service on the same hardware platform.

11. Right of Withdrawal, Usage and Conditions

11.1. Right of Withdrawal: The customer, who has the capacity of a consumer, has the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen days without any justification and without penal terms. The period of right of withdrawal is the day the contract is established in contracts regarding service performance; In the contracts for the delivery of goods, it starts on the day the consumer or the third party determined by the consumer receives the goods. However, the consumer can also use his right of withdrawal within the period from the establishment of the contract to the delivery of the goods.

11.2. Duration of Right of Withdrawal:

In determining the period of right of withdrawal;

a) For goods that are subject to a single order and delivered separately, the day the consumer or the third party designated by the consumer receives the last good,

b) For goods consisting of more than one piece, the day the consumer or the third party determined by the consumer receives the last part,
c) In contracts where the goods are delivered regularly for a certain period of time, the day when the consumer or the third party determined by the consumer receives the first goods.
In the contracts where the delivery of goods and the performance of services are made together, the provisions of the right of withdrawal regarding the delivery of goods are applied.
11.3. Exercise of the right of withdrawal:

The notification regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal, before the expiration of the right of withdrawal, in writing or by opening a support record to the address of the Service Provider or to the e-mail address info@mailbox.com.tr or the user panel assigned to the Customer. It is sufficient to be directed to the PROVIDER. In exercising the right of withdrawal, the Customer may use the Form of Withdrawal Right or make an open statement stating the withdrawal decision.

11.4. Service provider; Returns all the payments collected, including the delivery costs of the goods to the consumer, within fourteen days from the date of receipt of the notification that the customer has exercised his right of withdrawal.

11.5. Exceptions to the right of withdrawal

The Customer with the capacity of a consumer cannot use his right of withdrawal in the following contracts:

a) Contracts for goods or services whose prices vary depending on fluctuations in financial markets and are not under the control of the seller or supplier.

b) Contracts for goods prepared in line with the consumer's wishes or personal needs.

c) Contracts for the delivery of perishable or expired goods.

ç) Of the goods whose protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened after delivery; Contracts for the delivery of those whose return is not suitable for health and hygiene.

d) Contracts for goods that are mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated by their nature.

e) Contracts for books, digital content and computer consumables provided in the material environment in case the protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package are opened after the delivery of the goods.

f) Contracts for the delivery of periodicals such as newspapers and magazines, except those provided under the subscription agreement.

g) Contracts for the use of leisure time for accommodation, moving furniture, car rental, food and beverage supply and entertainment or recreation, which should be made on a specific date or period.

ğ) Contracts for services performed instantly in electronic environment or for intangible goods delivered immediately to the consumer.

h) Contracts regarding the services started with the approval of the consumer before the right of withdrawal expires.

12. Other Provisions

12.1. Notice: The addresses of the SERVICE PROVIDER stated above at the beginning of the contract and given by the CUSTOMER during the order are the legal notification addresses, and the notification made to the current address will be deemed valid unless the address changes are notified to the other party in writing. If the CUSTOMER is one of the companies that are legally obliged to obtain a registered electronic notification address, the SERVICE PROVIDER may also make their notifications to this address.

The SERVICE PROVIDER may send a message, information, letter, warning, payment notification, account movement chart, account statement to the e-mail address allocated to the CUSTOMER within the service period it provides. The CUSTOMER cannot claim that such electronic messages are not received or not delivered to him, as well as declaring, accepting and undertaking that such messages will be deemed to have been legally served 1 day after the date they are sent.

12.2. Force Majeure: Within the scope of this Contract, natural disasters, fire, war, civil riot, general strike, legal changes will be considered as Force Majeure and Force Majeure will be limited to these. In case the Parties violate this Agreement due to force majeure circumstances, the breaching Party will not be responsible for this violation. The Party affected by force majeure shall notify the other Party in writing to what extent the obligations are not complied with and the period of non-compliance as soon as technically possible, but in any case within 1 (one) week after the occurrence of the force majeure event ("force majeure notification"). . If the delay or deficiency in question ends, the Party affected by the force majeure will immediately notify the other Party in writing that the force majeure event has ended. It can terminate the business unilaterally and without compensation.

12.3. Transfer and Assignment: The CUSTOMER cannot transfer or assign any of its rights or obligations under this Agreement to any third party without the written consent and consent of the SERVICE PROVIDER. The SERVICE PROVIDER may transfer and assign its rights and obligations arising from the Agreement to its affiliated companies and partnerships, provided that the obligations under this Agreement are fully fulfilled. In the event that the SERVICE PROVIDER's capital and / or partnership structure valid on the date of signature of this Agreement changes or merges with another company and establishes a new commercial partnership or acquires another company or is taken over by another company, this Agreement continues to be in effect.

12.4. Stamp Duty and Other Taxes: The stamp tax arising from this Agreement will be paid by the SERVICE PROVIDER and invoiced to the Customer. Any other taxes, duties, fees and similar financial liabilities arising from this Agreement are paid by the CUSTOMER.

12.5. Inseparable Annexes of the Contract: published at www.mailbox.com.tr and accepted by the CUSTOMER; The contract specially prepared for the service received by the CUSTOMER (if any), General Terms of Use, Operational Working Conditions and Privacy Policy are an annex and integral part of this Agreement.

12.6. Conflict and Conflict Conditions: Istanbul Anadolu Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized for the resolution of disputes arising from the implementation of this contract. Customers who have the title of consumer can apply to the Consumer Arbitration Committee and / or the Consumer Court for the resolution of disputes.

General Terms of Use


Access to and use of this website is subject to the following conditions. Using this website means you accept these terms.
We, as the site owner and service provider (in short, "Service Provider"), reserve the right to terminate this website or this General Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Service Agreement and Operational Terms of Use or to change them partially or completely. These changes can be made on our own initiative and without prior notice, and they come into effect as soon as they are published on the site. For these reasons, we recommend that you review the conditions each time you visit this website and pay attention to any changes or modifications that may have been made.

1- Follow-up / Change of Terms of Use
I. From the moment you start using the site, you gain the right to access, use and receive commercial communications, commercial electronic messages, certain services, interfaces and functions offered on or through this site and other related sites, if any, with this website.

ii. Entering and using this site means that you have read and accepted the general terms of use. For this, your "acceptance statement" received or created in any form is not required.

iii. Optionally for any service offered by the Service Provider; By choosing the "acceptance and approval" steps in case you need to become a member or express acceptance statement, you are deemed to have accepted the terms of use written here.

iv. If you think that you will not be able to fulfill the obligations stipulated in the General Terms of Use and confidentiality provisions, or if you are not of the age required for the validity of your acceptance declaration or you have a limitation (since your acceptance declaration will not have a legal validity), do not use this site and services.

v. A number of special additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of or interaction with certain services on the site.

2- Benefiting from Content and Services:

I. The use of the services provided on the site is subject to the conditions written here, the Operational Working Collective, the regulations of the Service Agreement and other related agreements, and the permissions and restrictions stipulated by the legislation.
ii. Located on the site; Logo, brand, promotional material, data file, written text, information, news, opinion, advice, advertisement, advertisement, sound, music, video, photograph, visual and similar content ("Service Content") part of it can be published by providing from other sources.
iii. The information and quotations of third parties on the site are for promotional purposes. The Service Provider and / or the owners of this content have the right to change the content and terms of service without notice.

iv. Unless otherwise stipulated by the Service Provider, the users do not have the right to sell products or services, to advertise for commercial purposes, to advertise, to make advertisements and similar attempts, to trade using the site pages, services or service content.

v. The Service Provider has the right to determine the Site and Service Contents as it wishes, and may offer the site and services together with advertisements and promotions. The Service Provider may change its ad applications and tariffs as and whenever it wishes.

vi. The User / Member must sign or approve the relevant sales agreement before purchasing any product / service on the Site. All terms and conditions regarding the sales process are regulated in the relevant contract, and the Service Provider does not assume any other responsibility and does not give any guarantees other than those stipulated in the relevant legislation.

3- Accessibility and Usage

I. Service Provider's; has the right to use the address, e-mail, fixed phone, mobile phone and other contact information specified by the user in the registration form on the site or updated later by the user for the purpose of promoting the services and campaigns offered by the Service Provider and to reach the user for this purpose.

ii. It will arise from the sharing of the password given by the Service Provider to the user who is a member of the website with 3rd parties due to any user or user-related reason; The Service Provider is not responsible for any situation, including changes, deletions, of the information previously announced by the user.

4- Membership Conditions

I. Registration: The use of the Service Provider Services is subject to the Membership / Registration condition. The Service Provider can organize different membership categories and change existing categories. Certain identification and contact information may be required during registration or sale, partial or full fees may be charged for the Services, or restrictions may be placed on the services.

ii. Member Name and Password: The member is given a name and password or created by the Member.

iii. Membership Information: Any and all types entered during registration or sent through this Site and Services; The Member is responsible for (i) identification information, (ii) contact information or (iii) User Content. Identity and contact information provided for registration is considered to be up to date, accurate and reliable. It is the responsibility of the Member to keep the username and password. The Service Provider accepts no responsibility due to the wrong, illegal or unauthorized use of the username and password. In cases of unauthorized and unauthorized use, the Service Provider or the Member who caused the damage to the third parties is responsible. All responsibility for the transactions made through the membership account, if any, belongs to the Member. The Member is obliged to take the necessary measures and notify the Service Provider as soon as they learn that the username and password have been used without permission or an attempt has been made.

iv. The Service Provider may request from the Member to update the membership information and change the password during the symptom time intervals, otherwise it may stop or restrict the service. The member is obliged to fulfill these requests.

5- Intellectual and Industrial Rights:

I. The intellectual and industrial property rights of the site belong to the Service Provider.

ii. Unless otherwise stated, the intellectual and industrial property / copyrights or usage license rights of the commercial logo, brand, name domain name and other elements on the Site belong to the Service Provider. Unless specifically stated, the terms written herein do not give Users the right to use them or to exercise them in any way.
iii. The site cannot be copied, reproduced, distributed, published, borrowed in any way (including the distribution of copies), reproduced, distributed, borrowed, and its content cannot be altered or destroyed. It is forbidden to copy and use the Site elements or forms belonging to the published Service Provider on the Site or to take samples for reproduction.

iv. The intellectual property rights of the 3rd party names, logos, brands and other materials and content provided as part of the Services on the Site belong to the content providers / rights holders.

v. The User agrees and undertakes not to collect any data on the website, not to access the database of the Site.

6- Lower and Upper Link:

On this site, sub and upper sites that are not owned and controlled by the Service Provider and operated by third parties can be found and linked to them, and links / information can be provided. The Service Provider does not have any guarantee or special commitment regarding the content, suitability, security, privacy policies and continuous communication regarding these sites accessed. The Service Provider cannot be held responsible for the personal information provided to these sites, the content and services utilized from these sites, and the privacy policies and practices of these sites.

7- Collecting Visit Information:

When the site is visited, web servers automatically start collecting information to enable the site to communicate with the visitor computer. In addition, information such as the number of visits made on the site, which part of the site visitors prefer, IP addresses, domain type, browser type, date and time, and circulation on the website are monitored, controlled and stored. Using the site means that the user allows the Service Provider to collect, process and store the specified information. The Service Provider will take the necessary precautions for the security of the personal information of the users and will take the necessary care within the technological possibilities. The Service Provider cannot be held liable if the user's personal information is received by third parties despite the Service Provider's security measures.

8- Prohibition of Intervention:

Violating the security of the Site and Services or attempting to violate it is prohibited. Legal action may be taken against those who attempt such violations. The person or persons who committed the violation are financially, legally and criminally liable to the person whose right has been violated and / or the Service Provider.

9- Violation of Terms of Use:
In the event that the Service Provider does not comply with the "General Terms of Use", "Privacy Policy", "Operational Working Collective", "Service Agreement" and other related agreements or attempts to violate the rules, whether the violation is fully realized or not, the system reserves the right to suspend, terminate and cancel membership to the Site and Services without prior notice, with the right to reject, remove, or delete existing information. It also applies in case of an indirect violation or attempted violation of the Terms by a third party acting on behalf of the User. The failure of the Service Provider to use this right does not mean that it gives up its rights or accepts the violation.

10- Limited Liability

I. The Service Provider is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by the service attack, virus or technological material related to the use of this website.

ii. The Service Provider cannot be held liable for any loss or damage arising from accessing or not being able to access this site, or using or inability to use the site or your reliance on the information provided on this site.

11- Records
In disputes that may arise from the use of the Site and Services, all computer records, including the Service Provider's books and communication logs, and the e-mail and fax notifications made by the Service Provider to the Users constitute definitive and exclusive evidence.
12- Applicable Law and Competent Court / Enforcement Offices

In disputes that may arise regarding the use of the Site Law of the Republic of Turkey are applied. Istanbul (Kartal) Courts and Execution Directorates will be authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise regarding the site and terms of use.

13- Information and Communication
For your questions regarding Terms of Use, you can get more information by writing to destek@mailbox.com.tr.