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We take the complexity and unpredictability of choosing which cloud to run your project on.
We make sure your cloud bills are predictable and cost effective, while also providing your business with a range of powerful transaction options and networking tools and software support if desired, to scale with your business.

Why are startups choosing MailBox?

Powerful and simple

We are committed to making our cloud easy to use for small businesses. Combining our computing flexibility, easy-to-use user interface, powerful API and extensive documentation, MailBox cloud helps you save time on infrastructure so you can focus on improving your business.

Predictable pricing

Given the importance of cost control in a startup environment, predictable invoices are critical on the road to profitability. We know that cash is important for companies that are just starting to develop their products, ensure market fit and recruit talent. Our pricing model makes it easy for you to reliably estimate your costs, which is crucial to early-stage organizations.

Pricing that scales with your initiative

Bandwidth costs can be substantial and even make up most of your cloud computing costs. And since you'll often see bandwidth costs expressed in cents per GB, you can reject this cost as negligible.

The savings can easily save hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for large-scale applications.

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