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Thu, 08, Jul, 2021 22:35

The number of currently used domain extensions in 2021. 1 .COM 154,998,433 2 .TK 31,728,538 3 .CN 20,879,943 4 .DE 18,152,144 5. .NET 13,326,297 6 .ORG 10,422,411 7 .RU 9,863,218 8 .CF 9,537,709 9 .GQ 9,138,321
Thu, 08, Jul, 2021 22:20

There are 452,961,207 domain names in the world. There are 415,170,476 websites. Therefore, there are 415,170,476 hosting units. and TLDS 7,355. That is the domain extension.
Wed, 17, Feb, 2021 19:28

TRANSFORMING MARKETING COMMUNICATION IN THE DIGITAL AGE: PRACTICES FOR OVERSIGHT CAPITALISM LOGIN The communication effort that started with human existence has evolved with its development pains; it has caused many times to shell change in technological, social, economic and cultural contexts. Considering from the perspective of production processes from agricultural societies to the present, it seems possible…
Mon, 15, Feb, 2021 23:22

This issue is one of the most curious topics of software developers and system engineers. To explain, we can define this issue with the question of whether the chicken came from the egg or the egg came from the chicken. Our uncle David Axmark released the first mysql version on May 23, 1995. In 2008, it was sold to Sun Microsystems. He then released the name of his second daughter, Mariadb. By the way, t…