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Thu, 24, Mar, 2022 12:58

PHP Redirect via header(). To install for installation, simply add index.php to the directory. <?php header("Location:"); ?>   You can also redirect a file or as an example <?php header("Location: directory/File.php"); ?>
Thu, 24, Mar, 2022 12:27

What is a Domain? It means "Domain name" in Turkish. To create a Web site and an E-mail address, you must first have a domain name. When registering a domain, you need to decide what extension your website should be. such as .com,, .net You can access our simultaneous inquiry tool from the relevant link whether the domain name is available to open your website. The registration of a domain can only be…
Thu, 08, Jul, 2021 22:35

The number of currently used domain extensions in 2021. 1 .COM 154,998,433 2 .TK 31,728,538 3 .CN 20,879,943 4 .DE 18,152,144 5. .NET 13,326,297 6 .ORG 10,422,411 7 .RU 9,863,218 8 .CF 9,537,709 9 .GQ 9,138,321
Thu, 08, Jul, 2021 22:20

There are 452,961,207 domain names in the world. There are 415,170,476 websites. Therefore, there are 415,170,476 hosting units. and TLDS 7,355. That is the domain extension.