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About Mailbox company

Information is power! In today's world where information is difficult, we believe in the importance of keeping information and communication systems under the domestic capital, adding the vision of "minimum cost, maximum performance", establishing flexible structures that can adapt to technological innovations and offering integrated solutions in which all systems are compatible with each other. We work to perform it in a safe environment.

Recently, studies have my computing over the next five years, adding that Turkey is among the countries will develop fastest. With our long years of experience in the informatics sector, we always turn our face to the new and up-to-date and serve with a world-class customer satisfaction approach in the field of communication.
As Mailbox Hosting, we present each of our new applications to you after the most difficult tests with our strong infrastructure, our technical team that does not compromise on security and our reliable business partners. We are open to all kinds of projects, demands and suggestions to grow together with our country and our customers. We will always continue to search for what is not done to achieve the best.


We reinterpret and develop safe, secure and sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life of people.


Our systems, products and services; Our mission is to provide real-time service to our customers, to provide technical support and to expand the use of advanced technology by providing safe and reliable environments during development, harmonization and implementation of strategic relationship management, together with our team of experts in development, modeling and implementation stages.

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