Sky Box E-Mail Server

E-mail server for your business. Set Your Limits

UNLIMITED E-mail Accounts

  • Active Synchronization
  • 1 IP
  • Free Transfer
  • DLP (Data Loss Prevention)
  • Add Unlimited Domains
features Özellikler
Sky 150
Sky 150
Probox Sky
$ 99.00 / Aylık
Satın Al
  • Probox Sky
    Unlimited Traffic
  • Push Mail
    Active Synchronization
  • Inbound Protection
    Outgoing Protection
  • Integrated SSL Connection
    SSL Free
Sky 300
Sky 300
$ 160.00 / Aylık
Satın Al
  • Determine Your Quota
    Unlimited Traffic
  • Push Mail
    Active Synchronization
  • Inbound Protection
    Outgoing Protection
  • Integrated SSL Connection
    SSL Free
Your Data, Your E-mails in the Country are Safe with MailBox!

It's under your control!
✓ Your e-mail quota and your passwords are also unique to you.
✓ Full integration with the software you use with API support.

Send e-mail securely from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.
All of your outgoing and incoming emails are encrypted, so the information you send is read only by the person the email is targeting.
Mail Antivirus, Mail Antispam and DLP (Data Loss Prevention) are offered as standard.
If you want to create special rules for your company, we also recommend you to buy our EMail Gateway Enterprise product.

Two factor Authentication





Increase the security of your e-mails with double-layer authentication.


Active Sync and Mobile

Take your emails, calendars and contacts wherever you go: you can sync your mobile device throughout the day and continue your work without installing a separate application.

Keep yourself updated: Explore the Mobile Device Management functionality, benefit from easy setup and an intuitive interface.





Bring your emails, calendars and contacts with you wherever you go. It allows you to sync your mobile device throughout the day so you get the job done without the need to install a separate app while on the go.

Keep yourself updated Explore the Mobile Device Management functionality Benefit from easy set-up and an intuitive interface.


Platform Independent Synchronization

It works synchronously with all your desktop and mobile clients, and your mail, calendar and meetings are synchronized with all your devices.

MailBox transports your emails safely and free of charge.

SPECIAL FOR Local Businesses
KVKK Compliant 100% Domestic E-Mail ADVANTAGES

email mailbox with actual communication services in Turkey are stored with encryption algorithms built into our data centers, so any of your data, correspondence or file predicament abroad.

FULL COMPLIANCE with the Information and Communication Security Communiqué
Mailbox E-mail service in the e-mail transmission, reception and storage procedures take place in all of Turkey. All electronic messages are encrypted from end to end and sent over fiber infrastructure and radio link is never used. Since it is not possible to connect a CD / DVD or any external memory to the servers where e-mail data is stored, it is fully compliant with the Information and Communication Security Communiqué.

KVKK Compliant for All Correspondence Containing Personal Data
MailBox mail infrastructure is fully suitable for personal or private personal data transmission. Send all your digital data communication until the moment of delivery takes place within the borders of Turkey and encrypted end to end data security and privacy are maintained at the highest level.

Correspondence with Public Institutions, Get Information from Financial Institutions
With Mailbox Corporate E-Mail services, which are completely domestic and compliant with all legal regulations, you can safely correspond with public institutions and accept your account statements, current transaction histories and financial information via e-mail from all financial institutions, especially banks.

Secure E-Mail service

Mailbox always works, mind your business!

Our business.
Data within our own High Security Email Protection
Large Email Quota Determine your quota Team work
Easy Email management Corporate Signature Active Sync
Auto Archive Customizable service All Services SSL

Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

Aradığınız soruların cevabı burada olabilir.

Who is the SkyBox Email Service suitable for?
  • It is the most secure and economical e-mail service for all private companies and public institutions.

Can we transfer our existing Eposts to the service we receive from you?
  • We can transfer your e-mail data to our system as PSD and Imap.

As a government agency, do we need more space and resources than your existing packages?
  • By filling out our contact form, we can share with you our most suitable services and solutions.

E-Posta servisinde veri iletişimi güvenliği nasıl sağlanmaktadır?
  • All e-mail accounts within the scope of the service are end-to-end encrypted with smtp, pop3, imap, webmail service protocols, SSL and TLS. At the same time, security is provided with administrator password and SSL in e-mail account management panel entries.

Who is the local E-Mail service suitable for?
  • This service is suitable for all private companies and public organizations providing services in Turkey.

How many e-mails can I open unlimitedly in SkyBox packages?
  • You can open unlimited email as long as the disk space you have allows.

Why should I have unlimited e-mail mail service?
  • It is the most economical domestic e-mail service solution for all institutions and organizations that need high security, e-mail continuity and active synchronization with all devices.


Regardless of the size of your organization, Mailbox always has a solution.